Construction Machines & Cranes

The Truckbox Construction Machine is available in the following box sizes: MINI, MIDI, PLUS, TRIANGLE and TISSUE BOX.
Standard production of Truckbox PLUS starts from 100 boxes and of Truckbox MINI and MIDI from 200 boxes.
To learn more about the sizes please see specification below.

To make a non-binding inquiry, please fill in the form below. If you can already upload some photos of your vehicle please do! This will give us a starting point. Upon receiving your enquiry we will contact you to discuss details.

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The Truckbox Construction Machines are offered in the box sizes MINI, MIDI, PLUS, TRIANGLE and TISSUE BOX.

To get more info about TISSUE BOX please see our page about Truckbox Tissue Box.

Truckbox MINI: the smallest gift box in our standard offer, suitable for a few chocolate pralines, a USB flash drive, a small flashlight etc. Standard production  starts from 200 boxes.

Truckbox MIDI: a gift box for smaller items like a small bottle of wine, olive oil, golf balls, chocolate, a flash light etc. Standard production  starts from 200 boxes.

Truckbox PLUS: a gift box a suitable fit for a wine bottle, champagne bottle, beer bottle, olive oil. It will also fit chocolate. It can also be used for a T-shirt, umbrella and small things such as a bag of peanuts or a small jar of pâté. Standard production  starts from 50 boxes.

To make an inquiry, please fill in the non-binding inquiry. What will follow after your inquiry?

We will contact you to to discuss the details of graphic works, inform you about the costs for transportation. To learn more about Graphic Works and/or Transportation Costs please visit our Prices & Inquiries section.

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