Your success
wrapped in our BOX

With Truckbox we present new technologies, advantages and affection to our customers. They love the idea of carton truck. With Truckbox our company stands out.
Gift Truckbox with customer's fillings

Entrust it to Truckbox


Cherish your business partners. They are the diamonds of your business

strengthen connections

Strenthen your B2B and client connections, be always on their minds

present novelties

Present new technologies and models in the form of business box – Truckbox

be Original and fun

With our gift box your customers will always remember you
Your unique

Gift Box

Delivering since 1997
 About our company
      Almost everything can easily fit in
      If you try to stuck an elephant into a Truckbox you probably don't succeed. On the other hand if you stay more (or less) conservative with your business gifts you will succeed. 

      Tins and cans, bottles, sweets, candles, knives, all what you can imagine can be wrapped in Truckbox as a gift for business partners.
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