About us

Troll CD s.r.o.

The first promotional gift box in a design of a truck — the ancestor of Truckbox boxes — was an unexpected success with the customer and his business partners.
That was in the year 2013 when the graphic studio and advertising agency Troll CD s.r.o. established its Truckbox® brand.
Initially, we focused only on the production of advertising boxes in the design of trucks. However, the response was so great that the expansion of the production portfolio with other means of transport — buses, vans, trains, etc. — was a natural consequence of the brand's success.
Today we offer the Truckbox® in high-quality graphics and production, and moreover it is available in several sizes.
Our Truckbox® boxes reflect the world in all EU countries, as well as in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Norway. We are able to process most brands and models of trucks, buses, vans, fire trucks, tanks and pumps, dump trucks, railway locomotives and wagons, subway cars and many others.
The priority in the production of Truckbox® boxes is quality graphics and production.
The preparation of the graphics and production of a new model of truck, bus, or van is a pure delight for us. We look forward to the results of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. For some customers, the annual production of their new Truckboxes is already something of a tradition.
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